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in aluminum alloy obtained from solid, and subsequent treatment of colored surface anodization

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System that prevents the fall due to an accidental impact involving the brake lever. In most cases the impact does not have serious consequences but the possibility of overturning the vehicle is not excluded. This protection protects the lever from unintended pressures in a simple and effective way. Made entirely of aluminum alloy which guarantees resistance and lightness at the same time. Developed from experience in motorcycle championships, it has found superior resistance and an absolute lack of interference with the pilot's hand in any maneuver or type of fall, as it follows a descending profile in the first part and then rises and ends frontally to the levers and lastly, using a spring system that allows the hand to come out outside, overturning the front part which then returns to position thanks to the spring inside. In addition it can be adjusted in length to be used on any type of motorcycle.

Year BMW S1000RR 2019-

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